Tuesday Sep 21, 2021

Ep # 15 Your Conscience: The Key to Unlock Limitless Wisdom with Leonard Perlmutter

Leonard and I discuss how our words bring on action and reaction to the close to 60-80,000 thoughts that come to our mind on a daily basis.

We speak about the three words  in his book that describes our essential nature SAT, CHIT, and  ANANDA.

SAT - our internal being
CHIT - consciousness our internal wisdom
ANANDA - bliss and fullness

He speaks about how the ego, teaches us how to find love in areas that may not bring us the true sense of love.

Leonard speaks about how your truth doesn’t come from other people’s truth, and that you have to do the experiment to find your truth.

When you tap into the inner expert, you don’t need an external expert to lead the way on your path, you just need someone to guide you to unravel your inner expert.

When you start to do the inner work, you start to step further into your truth away from others people’s opinion.

Leonard and I speak about the super sub- conscious mind, and how to tap into the conscious mind.

He speaks about how the conscious mind exists not only in the mortal self but also in the human self, that holds us back to the reptilian brain.

Leonard speaks about how the unconscious mind projects into the conscious mind bringing up emotions that may create emotions that may get in the way of your day.

When you learn how to dance with energy that can only be transferred from one emotion to another, gives you the opportunity to make these emotions sacred.

Leonard speaks about PREYA -  ego or sense gratifications that conflict with inner wisdom, pleasant, familiar and attractive that’s always followed by some sort of mental, emotional, spiritual pain.

SHREYA which initially is not so familiar, attractive but leads us towards our greatest and highest good. It’s the liberation our bliss, which leads to our ANADA.

We speak breath knowledge and how we don’t breathe from the diaphragm and are mostly chest breathers, holding life force hostage not bringing prana into our body.

Your breath is the life force in how you think, feel and process through the difficulties in life.

Leonard brings us through the four functions of the mind. Which is our ego, senses, unconscious mind and the conscious.

We speak about the death process and how we still exist, that it’s something beyond us that is ever changing.

Our senses bring us a whole other aspect of our inner self finding  a sense of security, making us look for senses of pleasantness.

Unconscious is our repository that we redeem to self- preservation,

Conscious only acts as a mirror that can reflect perfect wisdom from the centre of consciousness. The super conscious moment of our mind.

Leonard speaks about experimenting to find the truth from the ego sense and consciousness mind to be your guide.

As your deepest desire is, so is your will.

Leonard speaks about how to reach Nirvana/Moksha, through the bridge of yoga.

The bridge connects two things our outer actions, with our inner wisdom, which is the super conscious wisdom reflected by the bodi.

The bridge of yoga gives us some time to respond, by slowing down the space between stimulus and responds in our to react.

Leonard has a beautiful saying that was in his book that my eye would always go there. The saying went “if you bring forth what is within you, will save you, if you do not bring forth what is within you, it will destroy you. 

Leonard and I speak about how the ego affected us on our path of spiritual enlightenment, when we were called to do this work, and how we worked through it in order to surrender, to receive and put our words into action.

We speak about going within to the feminine wisdom in order to bring out the masculine actions.

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